Metal Water Storage Cistern Tanks


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Low-profile, metal cistern tanks are ideal for water storage projects where overall tank height is important for clearance or the project owner prefers a less visible tank roof for aesthetics.  These tanks utilize a 10° roof which is suitable for locations where snow loads are not a concern.

CorGal tanks are made in the USA with corrugated, galvanized wall sheets and roof panels combined with stainless steel and galvanized hardware.  Concrete pad and acceptable “ground contact” pad are both allowable for the foundation. These cistern tanks use a flexible membrane liner for water containment. Popular Sizes are listed below.

6K Gallon - Corgal Cistern Tank 6,000 Gallon - 12' Diameter x 
7' 3" Eave Height x 
8' 9" Peak Height
See Dimension Drawing

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13,000 Gallon Corgal Cistern Water Tank 13,000 Gallon - 18' Diameter x 
7' 3" Eave Height x 
9' 1" Peak Height
See Dimension Drawing

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24,000 Gallon Corgal Cistern Tank 24,000 Gallon - 24' Diameter x 
7' 3" Eave Height x 10' Peak Height
See Dimension Drawing

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Hiring a Professional Installer

Hiring a certified installer is the best option for those who want to ensure that their low profile, metal water storage cistern is assembled properly. A longer manufacturer's warranty (that applies to both materials and workmanship) is available to customers who elect to have their above ground, metal water cistern installed by a certified professional.

The installation professional is supplied by Rainwater Equipment LLC and the authorized CorGal tank manufacturer. Call or email to request an installation quote. When sending an email request for quote, please specify your preferred tank size, city, state, zip and a contact phone number.

Do it Yourself Installation

The Cistern Water Storage Tank is the only "Do it yourself" option currently available in a metal water storage tank of these type & size.

If you are "handy" when it comes to construction projects, you may consider purchasing one of these 10° low profile water storage tank kits and assembling it yourself. A 25 page Assembly Instruction document (with more than 100 pictures) is provided to the "Do-it Yourselfer" when a Cistern Tank is purchased.

While this can be a cost savings option, the manufacturer's material warranty is limited to 1 year when you choose to do it yourself. 



Larger tank sizes are also available.

Low-profile-roof (LPR) CorGal Cistern Tanks can also be supplied
with an internal center roof support pole and/or reinforcing roof panel ribs for
added support where greater roof loads are present. Center supports also allow low-profile roofs to be available for large diameter tanks.


Tank Specifications

- G-115 hot dipped galvanization
- Seismic Design Category A (IBC 2013)
- 110 MPH Wind Load
- Total Roof Load of 15 lb/sq. ft.

Tank Kits Include

- Corrugated annularly curved (ring shaped) and precision, factory punched wall sheets with designated sidewall access panel
- Low profile 10° corrugated high rib roof panels with roof attachment clips
- Top center roof access & cover; Lower edge roof access & cover
- Standard base anchor clips
- Assembly hardware, grade 8.2, JS-1000 coating
- Liner suspension hardware
- Geotextile preliner for floor and walls
- Flexible membrane water containment liner (NSF-61 certified)

Other Accessories Available

- Penetration Flanges
- Water Level Gauges
- Ladders
- Vents
- Additional Structural Designs

















These Cistern tanks are designed to the following specifications:

Seismic Design Category A (IBC 2013), 110 MPH Wind Load

Not Included: penetration flanges, water level gauges, ladders, vents, or structural designs

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