About Us

Rainwater Equipment LLC is a nationwide supplier of water tanks (small or large capacities), filters, water pumps, water treatment products (such as UV Systems and Ozone Generators), and more. We offer over-the-phone product selection assistance for your specific project, competitive pricing, and fast shipping. We can also provide quotes for larger projects including well water storage, fire protection, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Call 877-331-7008 to reach a live, knowledgeable person or chat with us online. Or you may email our Sales Team Lead at jim@rainwaterequipment.com for assistance.

Rainwater Equipment LLC is a proud member of ARCSA. Find out more about ARCSA or become a member.





"I appreciate your good customer service, not always something you find in
today's market." Debra P. - Malo, WA - 8/3/19

"You guys have been great!  It’s really a pleasure working with you. I appreciate the prompt response and the clear, detailed, and accurate information.  5 Star Service!!" Michelle B. - Houston, TX - 7/14/19

"5,000 Gallon Tanks have been full since last Friday. Prior to that, the wells never stopped pumping into them. Luckily, I set the 2nd tank when I did. It took a lot of water until now. But thanks to the tanks, my St Augustine looks great, and I don’t think I will lose any significant trees. With the storage tanks, the sprinklers (finally after 15 years) work properly. I put a jet pump in the house, and pressure in house after valve opens stays constant at 65 PSI. After fighting all this time, problems solved. Thanks!" David A. - Weatherford, TX  - 7/1/19

"Rainwater Equipment does a great job supplying everything needed for rainwater systems as well as for water storage." Jessica H. - Austin, TX - 5/20/19

"Thank you for your extra effort and attentiveness!" Pat W. - AAA Construction - Cayman Islands - 4/13/19