Corgal Fire Protection Tanks

Fire protection tanks are often an economical alternative to upgrading expanses of municipal lines to meet fire code requirements.  CorGal fire tanks are engineered to be able to satisfy both NFPA and FM requirements for virtually any location and we back our tanks with a structural design calculation package to prove equivalency and often superiority to these stringent standards.

Dual Use Tanks

Our corrugated galvanized steel bolted tanks are an excellent solution for a variety of applications ranging from urban settings to remote locations. Tanks can be outfitted for potable water storage as well creating a “dual use” tank if desired to help offset infrastructure costs while maintaining fire protection capacity requirements.

Compliant Fire Tanks

Let our engineering team and network of authorized dealers help walk you through the most common fire protection system designs with tanks, components and accessories and provide the solutions you need to get your project approved and moving forward.

Below is a gallery of various sized CorGal tanks used for fire protection across the United States.

Fire protection tanks have additional, specific requirements to satisfy NFPA-22 standards. 



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