Rainwater Equipment Featured in Grundfos Newsletter

Rainwater Equipment Featured in Grundfos Newsletter

Posted by Grundfos Marketing Team on Apr 14th 2022

All of the Ways to Use Rainwater Jim Wood has been an active player in the rainwater harvesting industry since 2012. His ecommerce background made him an ideal choice to lead Rain Harvesting S … read more

To First Flush, or not to First Flush

Posted by Jesse Savou, ARCSA A.P. on Apr 12th 2021

An exploration of the first flush diverter by Jesse Savou, ARCSA A.P., Founder of BlueBarrel Rainwater Catchment Systems To First Flush or not to First Flush: It's a topic of much discussion in the r … read more

Is Rainwater Harvesting Illegal?

Posted by RAINWATERCOLLECTORTANKS on Apr 10th 2021

There aren’t any Federal laws or regulations preventing people from practicing rainwater harvesting. There are only seven states that have restrictions and or water rights permit requirements for rain … read more