Do Above Ground Poly Tanks Freeze?

Do Above Ground Poly Tanks Freeze?

Posted by Jim Wood on Feb 14th 2021

People often ask us if the water inside of a poly tank will freeze when temps drop below 32 degrees. In Texas, where we are, it's uncommon for temps to be below freezing for several consecutive days. … read more

Preparing Pioneer Water Tanks For Cold Weather

Posted by Jessica Huntington on Feb 11th 2021

Safely store clean water in cold weather and in the winter with Pioneer Water Tanks.Pioneer Water Tanks are engineered to work best within the recommended temperature range of the AQUALINER® Fresh tan … read more

Can You Drink Rainwater?

Posted by Pioneer Water Tanks on Aug 23rd 2020

Safely Store Rainwater As A Potable Drinking Water SourceAs rainwater comes down on the insulated metal roof, the only question is how much will be collected. The Pioneer Water Tank already has almost … read more

Pioneer Model XL50 - 65K Gallon Water Storage Tank

Posted by Jim Wood on Jul 25th 2020

Rainwater collection for household and property use. 65K Gallon Water Storage Tanks allow people all across the U.S. to become water independent. Great for collecting and storing rainwater or well wat … read more