UV - Water Treatment

UV is an EFFECTIVE solution
• UV disinfection is the only chemical-free, environmentally-friendly way of effectively inactivating microorganisms found in drinking water.
• Disinfection through a UV system is immediate, with no chlorination by-products created.
• UV offers a worry-free, cost-effective solution to treat water in the whole home.
UV is a SIMPLE solution
• The homeowner only needs to replace the lamp once a year and ensure that the quartz sleeve is kept clean.
• Installation is simple with two water connections and one electrical connection. 
What Does UV Disinfection Offer?
• A chemical-free, effective solution for inactivating microorganisms in drinking water.
• Many more traditional methods of disinfection, such as chlorine, are not effective against certain waterborne microorganisms, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. UV is a simple and relatively inexpensive solution for water safety in the home. 

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