Rainwater Equipment and DAB Pumps - A Working Partnership

Feb 20th 2023

Rainwater Equipment and DAB Pumps - A Working Partnership

When Rainwater Equipment (RWE) and DAB Pumps began working together in 2019, neither knew what to expect from the other, but almost 5 years later, it’s evident that the success of their partnership has exceeded expectations.

Jim and Mitzi Wood, owner/operators of Rainwater Equipment first met with Paul Shuford (Sales Promotion & DTraining) from DAB at the RWE offices/warehouse in Willow Park, TX to discuss bringing on a new line of pumps as part of its rainwater solution for system installers. It was then when Jim & Mitzi discovered the potential impact that DAB pumps could have on their business. “A few of our installation customers had asked us if we were carrying DAB,” Jim says, “so we wanted to check them out. We’re always open to looking at new products that can solve water problems and make life easier.”

After learning about the capabilities of the DAB’s ESYLINE offering, RWE placed an initial stock order and soon after quickly realized the pumps’ market potential. “The ESYBOX and the ESYBOX MINI 3 were so different than the pumps we had been used to seeing. The DAB ESYLINE pumps were a cutting edge, cost competitive, variable speed pump option that easily fit most residential applications,” Jim says. “These pumps were game changers for us.”

“Variable speed pumps aren’t a new concept, but ease of use, reliability, price point, and availability, all rolled into one, made DAB’s ESYLINE pumps very appealing,” Jim says.

It seems there were certainly other compelling reasons why DAB pumps and Rainwater Equipment have flourished together. “We love the support that DAB gives us,” Mitzi says. “You can’t say that about all of the manufacturers that we work with. The team at DAB is there for us when we need them. Our job is to support our customers, and DAB supports us, and that’s the way it should be.”

Mitzi continues, “DAB stands behind their pumps. They know that they are well constructed, but they are also always open to working with us to quickly address any issues that we might experience.”

“Rainwater Equipment has been the ideal partner to introduce DAB pumps into the North American rainwater market,” DAB Area Sales Manager, Andrew Casademunt, says. “These guys have great relationships with most of the major rainwater installation experts in the U.S., and it just made perfect sense to partner with them.”

With VFD pumps including the ESYBOX, ESYBOX MINI 3, ESYBOX DIVER, and the ESYBOX MAX as part of its offering, along with the single speed, submersible, DTRON 2, Rainwater Equipment is the leading supplier of DAB pumps in American rainwater applications.

“Jim, Mitzi, and the rest of the Rainwater team know our pumps well, and that’s what it takes to be successful. They understand how the DAB pumps work and which pump is best suited for a specific job. Plus, they’re great at trouble-shooting, which gives their installation customers an extra boost of confidence when using our pumps in their projects,” Andrew says.

Rainwater Equipment has posted over 60 support videos on its youtube channel, and many of them focus on DAB pumps. DAB also has an extensive selection of its pump videos on youtube. “Videos are just such a great way to educate people before and after a product purchase. Users love it when they can watch a video on a topic that they are interested in but aren’t completely sure about,” Jim says. “For example, we try to give customers a comfort level with DAB pumps so they’ll have enough of an understanding to make the right pump selection for their specific need.”

Youtube videos from Rainwater Equipment
As drought conditions across the U.S. continue to be a major concern, rainwater collection, water re-use, and water independence have become top of mind for many Americans, and a big part of solving water issues is the ability to pressurize and move water from one place to another. It’s clear that DAB Pumps and Rainwater Equipment will continue working together in the coming years to solve these water challenges.

“The water industry is such a good place for us to be,” Jim says. “We are passionate about helping people solve their water issues. I mean we get to do what we love while also having meaningful, real-world impact, and that’s tough to beat.”

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