Liquidator 2 - Water Tank Level Gauge


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Product Overview

A more versatile version of the standard Liquidator, it operates on the same principle – Driven by the weighted float, the aluminum indicator slides freely up and down on the outside of the 2” round PVC or galvanized steel guide pipe (2" pipe not included) balanced by the counterweight within.

Mounting Options
Installation Instructions

True reading

The indicator matches the level exactly. What you see on the indicator outside the tank is where the water level is on the inside. Graduations can be marked on or beside the guide tube for accurate measurement.

300 feet plus, day or night, thanks to the reflective red band.

Tank Type
Concrete, fiberglass, plastic, poly, timber, corrugated steel, steel panels, round, oval, or square, Liquidator 2 will fit them all.

Tank Sizes
Liquidator 2, as supplied, is suitable for tanks up to 10' tall, any diameter.

The only part in contact with the liquid is the polyethylene float. So Liquidator 2 is compatible with a wide range of liquids: fertilizer, waste water, molasses, acids, wine, olive oil, chemicals, oils, etc.. And of course, water.

Along with the above features, which it has in common with the standard Liquidator, Liquidator 2 has these additional features as well:

Separate Pulley Housings
Liquidator 2 is supplied as a compact assembly, ready to mount on the tank roof close to the edge. But the pulley housings can easily be separated and joined by a horizontal length of 1/2" pipe. This allows the float to be located well away from the edge, or high up on the apex of the tank roof, if desired.

Adaptable to Roof Shapes
Steep roofs up to 45* degrees can easily be accommodated, thanks to the pivoted pulley housing. And the base of the pulley housing can be readily shaped to match roofs with ribs or bulges that are common to plastic tanks nowadays.

Guide Pipe
As the name implies, Liquidator 2 is designed to suit 2” round PVC or galvanized steel pipe which is a common size worldwide, readily available from hardware stores and plumbing supplies in either plastic or thin wall metal. Square tubes, either 2” square thin wall galvanized or aluminum, or the slightly smaller 50 mm square tube will work also.

Simple Installation
In each case, mounting can usually be carried out using simple tools. Small holes only need to be drilled in the tank roof. (The only part that goes inside the tank is the float which can be passed through the tank's manway).

Insect Proof
All moving parts are fully enclosed, and the only point of entry is where the indicator cord emerges. But, tucked up underneath the pulley housing, the cord passes through a close fitting floating grommet, making bit impossible for insects to enter.

For the same reasons Liquidator 2 is dust and weatherproof too. To be completely sure, silicone rubber should be used at the time of installation to eliminate any gaps so that the gauge is fully sealed against the elements - rain, hail, or snow.

How the Liquidator 2 Works: