Shaft Seal Kit for Grundfos MQ 3-45 and MQ 3-35 Pumps


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Product Overview

Grundfos MQ Shaft Seal Kit

Manufacturer Part No: 96450696

Compatible with MQ 3-45 and MQ 3-35 Pump Models.

The Grundfos MQ pump is ideal for pressurizing water from a water storage tank, and boosting existing low water pressure. However, if there is existing pressure that needs to be boosted by the MQ, the pressure of the water line going into the MQ must be pressure limited to 30 PSI maximum. Otherwise, the seal may be compromised and begin to leak. If this happens, a Grundfos MQ Shaft Seal Kit may be used to replace to seal

To prevent the MQ pump from blowing a seal, a 30 PSI pressure limiting valve may be installed on the inlet side of the pump.

Warranty Information

All Grundfos products come with a 2-year warranty that fully complies with legal requirements. The warranty covers product and material defects which are not the results of normal wear and tear for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery. The warranty period may not, however, exceed 30 months from the date of production. Warranty claims will be rejected in the following situations: If the defect in the product arises from: -any drawing, design or specification supplied by the customer/purchaser -modifications undertaken by the customer/purchaser or a third party without the consent of Grundfos If a defect is caused by: -normal wear and tear -inadequate maintenance or faulty repair by others than Grundfos -failure to observe the operating instructions -over-loading -use of any unsuitable material -the effects of chemical or electrolytic action -building or assembly work not undertaken by Grundfos -other reasons beyond Grundfos' control As a general rule, Grundfos will not accept to pay transportation/replacement/installation costs for faulty products. Warranty claims may be submitted by contacting the local Grundfos sales company or the point of sale. Benefit: -Knowledge that Grundfos backs its products with clearly defined warranty terms -Warranty claims with well-defined contacts and short response time.