MI 301, Universal Grundfos GO Remote (IR Trans, Universal-Blue Tooth)

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Product Overview

Fixed Shipping Rate not available in Hawaii or Alaska.

The MI 301, Grundfos GO Remote (IR Trans, Universal-Blue Tooth)98046408, is designed to provide you with convenient access to pump performance data, control settings and product information, all at the push of a button!

This innovative control uses radio and infra-red technology to communicate with any Grundfos E-pump, allowing users to monitor their product from their mobile device. Save valuable time, by accessing data through the most comprehensive and intuitive mobile platform on the market!

Grundfos Go Remote is compatible with all products supported by the R100 as well as our new line of radio enabled frequency products.

Compatible Pumps:

Compatible Controls:
Multi-E, CU 300, CU 301, CU 321, CU 331, IO351, MP204

Convenient Access to Pump Data:
Grundfos Go Remote provides convenient access to the following pump data:

1) Product Dashboard - gives the user a quick overview of the connected product
2) Status data - monitor status data from the Grundfos product
3) Alarms and warning - see detailed alarm information with timestamps
4) Configuration/commissioning
5) Create installation report in pdf format
6) Read / write profiles - copy configuration from one product to another
7) Supports 28 local languages

How it Works:
To install the Grundfos GO Remote, follow the simple steps below:

1. Select appropriate hardware version
2. Order hardware from Grundfos
3. Install Grundfos GO App from Apple's App store or Google Play - for free!
4. Ready to GO

Hardware Options: 

• If you own an Android based smartphone or tablet, the MI 301 is the only choice.