22SQE - Constant Pressure Pump

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Product Overview

SQE Pump and Motor

The SQE is the only constant pressure pump on the market fully equipped with built-in electronic controls which allow for advanced computer controlled performance and state of the art protection features including sophisticated diagnostics. The motor design is a Variable Speed Drive which electronically changes the pump speed to match demand providing you with the incredible comfort of constant pressure.

The Grundfos SQE pump model numbers are very descriptive!! The flow and pressure for each pump is indicated by the model number. All 5SQE pumps are ideal for flows of gallons per minute. The ending of the model number indicated the pressure in feet of head. For example, the 5SQE05-90 is ideal for flows of 5 gallons per minute, at pressures of 90 feet of head. It works the same for all SQE pump model numbers.

Each unit is equipped with:

  • Soft start – prevents water hammer and motor overheating
  • Dry run protection – pumps are water lubricated and if your well runs low, an unprotected pump will die
  • Overload protection – if a pump becomes clogged with debris like sand or grass, it can destroy an unprotected motor
  • Over and undervoltage protection – the lifetimes of unprotected motors can be greatly reduced by improper voltages. Rural parts of the country are notorious for wide variations in voltage supply

CU301 User Interface

NOTE: The CU301 Controller is required for the SQE pump to operate as a constant pressure pump system. CU301 Controller is sold separately. The CU301 User Interface is the easy to use command and control computer for operating the pump in constant pressure mode. The user simply chooses the desired water pressure by pressing the UP or DOWN arrows, and the CU301 does the rest.

In order to control pressure, it must be measured. The included pressure sensor precisely measures water pressure sending its signal to the CU301. The CU301 reads this pressure signal and then electronically commands the pump to start, stop, speed up, or slow down in order to maintain constant pressure regardless of water demand. It controls the pump via power line communications by impressing high speed data messages on the pumps power supply cable. This technology is similar to that used in a home intercom or a baby monitor.


  • Domestic water supply
  • Light commercial
  • Irrigation
  • Tank Applications

Features and benefits

  • Push button pressure setpoint adjustment
  • Low well water indicator
  • Pump running indicator
  • Keypad lockout
  • High quality stainless steel pressure sensor
  • Built-in diagnostics

Available Size:

  • Flow rates: 5, 10, 15, 22 and 30 GPM
  • Head up to 450 feet @ 22 GPM
  • 115VAC and 230VAC models – all single phase
Description Volts HP PH Discharge (Inches) Material #
22SQE05-40 100-115V 1/2 1 1 - 1/2 96160213
22SQE05-40 200-240V 1/2 1 1 - 1/2 96160196
22SQE05-80 100-115V 1/2 1 1 - 1/2 96160214
22SQE05-80 200-240V 1/2 1 1 - 1/2 96160197
22SQE07-120 200-240V 3/4 1 1 - 1/2 96160198
22SQE10-160 200-240V 1 1 1 - 1/2 96160199
22SQE10-190 200-240V 1 1 1 - 1/2 96160200
22SQE15-220 200-240V 1.5 1 1 - 1/2 96160201


Product Guide
Guide Booklet
SQE Installation & Operating Instructions
CU301 Installation and Operation Manual


Warranty Information

All Grundfos products come with a 2-year warranty that fully complies with legal requirements. The warranty covers product and material defects which are not the results of normal wear and tear for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery. The warranty period may not, however, exceed 30 months from the date of production. Warranty claims will be rejected in the following situations: If the defect in the product arises from: -any drawing, design or specification supplied by the customer/purchaser -modifications undertaken by the customer/purchaser or a third party without the consent of Grundfos If a defect is caused by: -normal wear and tear -inadequate maintenance or faulty repair by others than Grundfos -failure to observe the operating instructions -over-loading -use of any unsuitable material -the effects of chemical or electrolytic action -building or assembly work not undertaken by Grundfos -other reasons beyond Grundfosíëí_íë__íëí_íë_íëí_íëí_íëí_íë___íëí_íë__íëí_í«Œ‚íëí_íëí_íëí_í«Œ‚íëí__íëí_í«Œ‚íëí_í«Œ¢íëí_íë__íëí_íë_íëí_íëí_íëí_íë____' control. As a general rule, Grundfos will not accept to pay transportation/replacement/installation costs for faulty products. Warranty claims may be submitted by contacting the local Grundfos sales company or the point of sale. Benefit: -Knowledge that Grundfos backs its products with clearly defined warranty terms -Warranty claims with well-defined contacts and short response time.