Intellitank Water Tank Monitoring System

$20.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

At WellSense Technologies, we’ve made monitoring your water storage tank levels as easy as… 1-2-3!

  1. Simply install the IntelliTank® remote unit onto your water storage tank.
  2. Connect the home unit to your WiFi router.
  3. Download the IntelliTank App® to your Smart Phone or Mobile device!

Never be left without water again.

Designed to deliver critical water tank level information 24/7, the IntelliTank wireless tank monitoring system is a complete, simple solution for monitoring management of your home’s water level.

Easy to install and use, the IntelliTank water monitoring system provides you with peace of mind that there is water available, and protecting your home’s most valuable resource, WATER.




IoT Technology

IoT Technology gives you the ability to check water levels from anywhere in the world, which can be tracked by your Smart Phone or Wireless Device.

24/7 Monitoring

Never be caught off guard with an empty or critically low water tank with IntelliTank’s 24/7 monitoring.

Track Water Usage

Track your water usage and peak usage times with the IntelliTank App to help better manage your usage and to conserve water.

ECO Friendly Solar Power

The remote water tank unit is powered by it’s built-in solar cells, making it an ECO friendly device that can be mounted anywhere.

Mobile Alerts

The IntelliTank App can send you instant mobile alerts when your water levels are low.

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind of knowing how much water you have at a glance. No need for constant leg work and using a measuring stick.



Home Unit Monitor

The remote unit uses three stainless steel floats using rugged Reed switch sensors that will resists corrosion and will work with any sized water tank and are drinking water safe under ANSI part 61.


Rugged Stainless Steel Sensors

The remote unit uses three stainless steel floats using rugged Reed switch sensors that will resists corrosion and will work with any sized water tank.

Modernize your tank today!