BigAL High Flow Differential BackUp Valve

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Product Overview

The BigAl valve is designed to handle high flow rates of up to 330 gal/min (1500 L/min) on high pressure, with adjustable water levels that increase pump life and save electricity. The BigAl valve allows for a single level or variable minimum and maximum water levels in pump-fed large storage tanks and reservoirs and in water mains and gravity-fed large storage tanks and reservoirs. For rainwater harvesting applications, it works as a backup water supply control valve, in the event that demand exceeds rainfall. - Full on, full off - Very high flow rate 330 gal/min (1500 L/min) at 174 psi (1200 kPa) - Extremely high volume water inlet control device. - Soft closing, no water hammer - Long tail, no tank fittings (thin walled tanks)

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