Advanced Release Valve for First Flush Diverter

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Product Overview

Take control over how frequently your first flush diverters empty and prevent clogging to minimize maintenance and improve your diverters’ performance. Size: Universal

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Take greater control

With its electronic auto-release timer, the advanced release valve lets you determine how frequently your first flush diverters are emptied. This allows you to better address your system’s needs, maximizing your water quality and your stored water volumes.

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Prevent clogging

The advanced release valve’s unique funnel and large draining valve help to prevent your first flush diverters from clogging. This insures that your diverted water drains like it’s supposed to, minimizing maintenance requirements and protecting your stored rainwater quality.

Clear Exit Funnel

Make maintenance easy

Thanks to its clear exit funnel, you can easily inspect your advanced release valve to see if your first flush diverter requires additional maintenance. Rather than inspecting your diverters after every 3 rainfall events, you can take care of this task every 3 months instead.

Installation Guide

First Flush diverters help you plan for volume by allowing you to choose your catchment volume with custom catchment size and/ or an advanced release valve. First Flush Diverters help divert the first flush, through their design. They are installed using a T junction or high flow inlet to which the diversion chamber is fitted. As the chamber fills with the initial dirty water from your roof, a ball rises until it seals the inlet, allowing the rest of your rainwater, which is much cleaner, to flow directly to your tank.