50,000 Gallon Aquamate Water Storage Tank


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Product Overview

Water Storage, Rainwater Harvesting, & Well Water Storage Tanks | 817-246-4567 | jim@rainwaterequipment.comAquamate Water Storage TankWhy choose Aquamate? Since 1986, Aquamate has set the standard in cost efficient, large capacity water tanks. Aquamate designs and manufactures water tanks that are transported inexpensively anywhere in the U.S and are typically assembled in 1-2 days. Using trained, authorized water tank installers, Aquamate has installed hundreds of tanks in North America, so you can be sure that Aquamate is the right choice for durable, reliable and affordable large volume water storage solutions. Plus, Aquamate offers a 20 Year Warranty on its water storage and rainwater harvesting tanks! Download Aquamate Water Tank brochure.

Lead Time from Order Date: 2-3 weeks                                   Note: Tank does not come with the Aquamate logo printed on the side as is shown.
Not Included: Decomposed Granite or Crushed Limestone Pad / Foundation

Aquamate Water Tank Bolted Panels

Aquamate Geomembrane Check

G145 Galvanized Tank Shell

Lightweight steel panels and heavy duty galvanizing make Aquamate’s tank shells perfectly suited to water storage. Aquamate’s tank panels are covered in a galvanized coating that’s 1.45 ounces per square foot (G145) – the thickest advertised coating on the market. By using lightweight thin-gauge steel panels, Aquamate’s metal tanks have all of the required strength to resist water, snow and seismic loads without the excess material cost.

Flexible Polyethylene Tank Liner

Aquamate uses a flexible polyethylene material for each of its water tank liners. A monofilament lining material is used, as opposed to a coated mesh, because it’s resistant to fatigue and cracking, and it's super stretchy – all things you need for a durable water tank. The quality of the water storage
tank liner is the reason Aquamate can offer a 20 year, no-leaks warranty.
The liners are NSF/ANSI 61: (Drinking Water System Components) certified.

Model Sidewall
Diameter Nominal

MPH Wind

Snow Rating Seismic Rating
UR3D205 7.25' 17' 1" 12,000 150 20psf Zone B
UR3D307 7.25' 25' 7" 28,000  120  10psf Zone A
UR3D409 7.25' 34' 2" 50,000  120  10psf Zone A
UR3D512 7.25' 42' 8" 77,000  105  5psf Zone A

*Dome Roof adds approx. 12" to the tank's overall height.

Model Sidewall Height* Diameter Nominal
MPH Wind
Snow Rating Seismic Rating
UR4D205 9' 6" 17' 1" 16,000 150 20psf Zone B
UR4D307 9' 6" 25' 7" 37,000 120 10psf Zone A
UR4D409 9' 6" 34' 2" 65,000 120 10psf Zone A
UR4D512 9' 6" 42' 8" 102,000 105 5psf Zone A

1) Values provided are nominal capacities rounded to the nearest 1,000 gallons. Effective capacities are dependent on individual tank fitting configuration. 2) Wind speed values are ultimate 3-sec gust based on ASCE 7-10. 4" of water ballast must be maintained in the tank at all times. 3) For regions with a higher seismic rating requirement, Aquamate offers a reinforcing kit to increase the seismic rating of the tank up to a maximum of Zone Z.

Rainwater Tank includes:

fitting-tap Aquamate 6inch Overflow with Mozzie Proof Screen Aquamate 20inch Leaf Strainer Inlet with Light Guard

2″ Outlet & 2″ Drain

All Aquamate water tanks are supplied with a separate 2″ outlet and 2″ drain. Both fittings are supplied with robust nickel coated metal ball valves as standard and a schedule 40 pipework adaptor.

6″ Overflow Fitting

A 6″ Overflow assembly for each tank is fitted with an internal elbow to maximize storage capacity and a flap valve with mosquito proof screen to limit access into the tank.

20″ diameter inlet & light guard

A large volume 20″ leaf strainer inlet includes a
light guard which is fitted beneath the inlet screen. The light guard prevents sunlight
entering the tank to eliminate algae growth.




Mechanical Level Indicator
FREE with Tank Purchase!

The Liquidator Level Indicator has proven itself to be the most simple, reliable and accurate water level gauge on the market. The Liquidator uses a vertical steel guide tube so that the indicator can slide up and down on the outside of the tube while the counterweight is contained within the tube. Guide tube is included.

Geotextile Underlay

Every Aquamate water tank is supplied and fitted with a Geotextile Tank Liner Underlay which provides the ultimate protection against liner damage from imperfections in the tank base for the life of the tank.

20 Years “No Leaks” Warranty

Aquamate’s ‘No Service Costs’ Pro-Rata
Warranty leads the industry and is supported
by over 30 years of experience choosing the
correct materials to survive the toughest




Moisture Barrier

For added protection, Aquamate installs a moisture barrier underneath the tank wall. Made from a durable polymer, the moisture barriers also assists to prevent base erosion and is an excellent salt barrier.

Secure Access and Ladder

Aquamate’s heavy duty 30″ wide (40” across the diagonal) hinged lockable roof access hatch with removable ladder ensures safe access when needed and security against unwanted access.

Roof Seal

By installing a specially formulated foam strip between the top of the tank wall & under the corrugated roof sheets, we protect your stored water from dust, frogs and most insects.

 Optional items for rainwater tank: