470 Gallon Tiny Timber Water Tank

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Product Overview

TinyTimber Tanks are a smaller version of the standard TimberTank and are often more suitable for individual residential projects. These tanks start out at a 4ft diameter holding 470 gallons of water and include options for a 6ft and 8ft diameter in varying heights and capacities.

Dimensions:4' Diameter x 5' Eave Height (5' 8" Overall Height)

These tanks are built and shipped direct to the project site. TinyTimber Tanks do not require a concrete foundation and each comes standard with a 25-degree standing seam roof with mosquito-resistant screen, an overflow flange, hose spigot, and NSF-61 certified liner.

The TinyTimber Tank includes the following:

• Fully built TinyTimber Tank, including treated plywood floor
• 20° standing seam roof (requires assembly if shipped outside of the Austin, TX area)
• 22 oz. non-reinforced, potable-grade liner
• 6” peak inlet filter screen
• 2” bulkhead fitting for overflow
• 2” bulkhead fitting for outlet OR hose spigot

Not Included: Water level gauges and structural designs.
Packaging and shipping costs will depend on the quantity of tanks in each order. Typical lead time is 4-6 weeks to shipment. Any customization alters pricing and will be quoted/priced accordingly. Comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Concrete base preferred, but level and compacted gravel pad is also acceptable.

Shipping Estimate
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