1" XtraFlo Top Entry


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Product Overview

  • Watts APEX (XFTE1) 1" XtraFlo Top Entry Full Flow Diaphragm Activated Trough Valve with Float

    • Xtraflo is a compact diaphragm valve designed for large and medium troughs with high demand. Armless valve replaces traditional brass arm style trough valve.
    • The armless valve reduces damage by livestock and is easily and fully serviceable
    • High volume, full flow armless valve with flow rates in excess of 80 gpm @ 60 psi
    • The valve is versatile with 3 mounting options; Side Mount, Bottom Mount and Top Entry
    • APEX tank and trough valves are made from high grade fiberglass reinforced nylon and Acetyl (POM) for durability and performance, providing long life of the valve and your pump system
    • UV Stable and corrosion resistant materials and has a patented self-cleaning mechanism that minimizes blockages
    • Float Valve has a 1" water level differential between opening and closing reducing pump overload and allowing for full flow operation
    • XtraFlo float valve is designed for use in a variety of applications including livestock watering, agricultural water supply, ranch, farm and hobby farm applications.
    • Working pressure of 4-175 psi. Temperature rated 34º F to a maximum 140ºF