Grundfos MS4000, 96405805 7.5HP 230V 4" Submersible MS Motor Three Phase, 1500 lb Max Thrust

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Grundfos 96405805 MS Submersible motors are designed specifically for operation in and under water. The motor and power cable are designed and sealed to prevent water from contacting any part of the electrical circuit. The motors are equipped with a high-capacity thrust bearing to support the total thrust of the pumping unit. The Grundfos submersible motor depends on surrounding water to carry away heat; most require a specified flow of water for adequate cooling.

The Grundfos 96405805 MS 402 is generally recommended for operation in water without any appreciable amount of chloride at common groundwater temperatures.

Features and Benefits of the Grundfos 96405805 :

- Corrosion Resistance All Stainless Steel Exterior Construction
- Cast Stainless Steel Machined Top
- Stainless Steel Splined Shaft
- Polyurethane Self Healing Resin
- 900 lb. Thrust Rating
- Water Lubricated
- Internal Water Circulation System Enhances Motor Cooling
- No Cooling Sleeve Needed up to 85°F
- Filter Check Valve
- Pressure Equalization Diaphragm
- Sand Slinger
- Bellows Type Shaft-Seal
- Epoxy Coated Bearing Support
- Built-In Surge Protection
- Replaceable Motor Lead
- NEMA Mounting Dimensions
- UL Recognized
- CSA Certified