Graf Internal Basket Filter Package

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Product Overview

Graf Internal Basket Filter Package

Internal basket filtration system to clean the rainwater inside the tank riser. Space-saving filter technology integrated in the tank – only 1 cover in the garden.

  • 100% water yield – ideal for smaller roof surfaces
  • Maximum 3,750 sq. ft. of roof surface
  • 4" connections

Package includes:

  1. Internal 'Universal 3' Basket Filter
  2. Inflow pipe with Calming Inlet
  3. Overflow siphon with rodent guard
  4. Spannfix pipe connection sleeve

This filter requires a manway diameter of 24" for inlet and outlet clearance.

Graf Universal 3 Internal Filter

Tank is for illustration purposes only and is not included.  The tank shown is available for purchase but is designed to be used in applications where AASHTO H20 (vehicle) Load Rating is required. The price of this tank is proportionally higher than non load-bearing tanks.

Dimension Drawing