2500 Gallon Water Storage Tanks

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Shipping Rate Tip: Shipping to a commercial address is generally less expensive than shipping to a residence. If you have the ability to have your water tank shipped to a commercial address (Ranches, farms, schools, and churches are not considered "commercial" addresses by the freight companies), it will save you money. If you are unable to offload the water tank from the back of the freight truck when it arrives (It will likely be on a pallet), a lift gate may be requested in advance for an additional fee. It typically adds $25-$30.

When requesting a freight quote, please include your city, state & zip. And please indicate if the delivery address is considered "residential" or "commercial" and whether you require a lift gate on the truck or not. Send request for freight quote to: jim@rainwaterequipment.com

All Tanks Include:

  • Poly-Mart 5 Year Warranty
  • 2700 Gallons of Total Capacity
  • 96”D x 95”H
  • 360 lbs.
  • 16” Man Way Lid w/ Air Vent
  • 1.5” Top Bulkhead
  • 2” Bottom Bulkhead w/ Plug
  • 4 Dome Flats & 4 Layout Flats at the Bottom

Dimensions: 96"D x 95"H
Weight: 360 lbs
Color: 13 choices

2500 Gallon Water Storage Tank - Dimension Drawing - PDF
2500 Gallon Water Storage Tank - Brochure - PDF

Poly-Mart manufactures a 2500 Gallon Water Storage Tank that are made from the highest quality rotational molded, FDA/NSF approved polyethylene. These 2500 Gallon Tanks are also BPA-Free and have built-in UV inhibitors to avoid color fading and break down from harsh sunlight. Poly-Mart's Water Storage Tanks are designed for above ground use and like other polyethylene holding tanks. They are not suitable for applications in which the tank would be under pressure.  This tank has gallon markers up to 2500 U.S. Gallons but actually has a true capacity of 2700 Gallons when full. The 2500 Gallon Water Storage Tank has a 96”Diameter and is 95” in Height.  Black and Dark Green colored tanks are manufactured with compounded resin which allows zero sunlight into the tank. Allowing no sunlight eliminates the growth of waterborne algae. The Dark Grey & Dark Brown 2500 Gallon Water Storage Tank (naturally dark colors) does a nice job of limiting most light penetration. If you are storing water outside in an area that will receive direct sunlight, selecting one of these four colors will be a good choice.

Like all of Poly-Mart's Vertical Tanks, the 2500 Gallon Water Storage Tank is designed with 4 Dome Flats on the top of the tank and 4 Layout Flats at the base of the tank. These 8 Flats set our tank design apart from others and provide flat surfaces for installation of additional outlet/inlet fittings, Tank Overflow Fittings and Tank Components like Float Switches and Tank Level Gauges. Your Installer or Contractor will appreciate having flexibility when additional fittings need to be installed for your specific application.  If you would like to order your tank with additional fittings please consult with your distributor. Orders requiring additional and custom fitting placement are subject to additional fees and fitting cost. Please utilize our technical drawing (link below) to communicate where and what size fittings you would like.

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BPA Free Poly Water Tank